Monday, June 4, 2012

Elinor and Fergus' Own Clip

I've mentioned I like these two, right?

As I've said on the Facebook page for this blog, June is Brave month because....Brave comes out on the 22nd this month.  It's going to be so awesome!

Well, here's a clip that shows that full scene which we got glimpses of in Trailer 3.  I really enjoyed seeing more of it.

But what I really like in this clip is Fergus and Elinor together.  I still want to know their backstories (were they married through arrangement?), but this clip really and finally shows me they are a great couple together.  Their little conversation is very cute here, and I understand now that Fergus can be pretty serious about being a king.

Let me explain myself.  At first, when I started watching Brave clips, I thought maybe Fergus didn't really want to be king and left all the work to Elinor, which she apparently didn't mind but at the same time did (she obviously was still queen but seemed to want her husband to focus, rather than "encourage" Merida).  While I'm pretty sure Fergus is still a fun-loving guy a lot like Merida, he does take some matters seriously.

The one thing I really really like?

Elinor's muttering.

"I don't mutter!"

Sorry, Your Highness.

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