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Disney’s “Frozen” Free Fall: App Review

Right after the release of Frozen, Disney made the Frozen Free Fall app available for free.  The game is a lot like Bejeweled (or for you younger folks, Candy Crush), all with the theme of Frozen – including characters and scenes from the movie.

Image via disneyinteractive.com

When you first open the app, you are shown a map of Arendelle.  If you look closely, you’ll see the route follows the plot of the movie, starting with the ice harvesters to the castle to Elsa’s ice palace and so forth.

A pair of boots shows you which level you are on currently.

2014-02-04 11-13
All screencaptures taken by MollyTDF

Click on a level, and the level’s objectives and available characters pop up.

The first Elsa level! I was so excited:)

Every level is different, and obviously they get harder as you progress through the movie.  But the main goal of all of them is to gain a target score within a set number of moves.  Extra goals and obstacles are added.

So for example, in the level below, not only do I need to get a score of at least 15,000 points, I also need to
remove all the frost by making matches over those tiles.  An added obstacle are the ice-encrusted gems.


Matches are made by lining up three gems of a kind.  This breaks the gems and gives you points. 

So all you need to do in the level below would be to swap the gold crystal with the red one, simply with a swipe of your finger.

Little Anna!

Special crystals can be also be formed with more than three crystals.  I forget the names of them, but I made up my own.  Lining up four crystals gives you a beam special.  If you use it again in another match, it will send a beam either horizontally or vertically, breaking all the crystals in that column or row.

Notice how the red crystal towards the middle has a horizontal beam in it, meaning
it will send a horizontal beam when I swipe it with the purple crystal under it.
Little Kristoff is so freaking cute!

The snowflake special is formed when you create a T-shape out of jewels.  It then breaks all the crystals around it, twice, when you use it again.

And the best special is the pointy-ice-star crystal.  It’s a little hard to explain, but when you swap it with, say, a purple gem, it will then break all the purple gems on the board.

Swapping special crystals also does cool things.  So if you get the chance, do it!


When you can’t complete a level, you can retry it with the cost of one life.  You start off with five, and if you use them up, all you have to do is wait a few hours and they will have all returned!

Overall, this game is freaking amazing.  Sure, it’s the same as Candy Crush, but it’s really cool to see all your favorite Frozen characters and to journey along the movie’s story.


But fair warning, it is really addictive!  My Minnie Mom even comes up to me to ask, “Is my game ready yet?” (when in reality, it’s my game on my phone, Mom).

When my mom unlocked him for me, I literally jumped off the couch and shrieked.

The only downside is that Disney gives you limited quantities of character power-ups (which I haven’t used yet because I’m saving them for when in dire need).  You are able to purchase more power-ups and lives, but that’s ridiculous.  C’mon, Disney, you have enough money to just make the entire game free!

Instead, I’ll just wait a few hours for my lives to refill.  And then play, play, and play again.

You can pick up this app at the App Store (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Androids).


(PS: this is my first app review post!  Let me know if I reviewed this app well and if you have any suggestions!)


  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't played it but this makes me want to try it out. Listen to the Frozen soundtrack two times today. LOVE it !!

  2. You're welcome, Laura. I'm glad the review sparked your interest. And I totally approve -- it's an amazing soundtrack, isn't it.

  3. Playing level 72 for 20th time and I never find enough red gems to collect to get 10. Anyone else have this issue? What am I missing?

    1. Honestly, KRisley, it just kind of depends on your opening...shuffle, shall we say? It's like any game of cards -- you just need to have the right ones in your hand. At least, that's what I've discovered. Keep trying -- you'll get all those red gems you need!

      Thank you for checking out The Disney Freak's Blog!

  4. What does the little red number beside the app on the home page signify. Sometimes it is a 1, sometimes a 2 or 3. Doesn't seem to mean anything.

    1. To be honest, Anon, I'm not even sure I know what you're talking about. These "little red number[s]" don't show up on my app. Maybe the Android app is different than the iPhone/Apple app...in fact, I'm sure of it. Perhaps "the little red number" is a notification symbol, such as you have more lives?

      Thanks for checking out The Disney Freak's Blog!

  5. Do I have to play all 200+ winter levels before I can move to another season?

    1. To my understanding, nicki, yes.

      Thank you for checking out The Disney Freak's Blog!


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