Saturday, February 8, 2014

Disney Infinity: Sorcerer Mickey Available!

Disney Infinity has finally released the Sorcerer Mickey figure!

Can't get enough how awesome his pose is!
Image from

So I don’t own the game. (Yet.)  But I so want to collect the figures just for fun!  I think they’re so cute, without looking too different from the original designs of the characters.

Plus, Sorcerer Mickey is my favorite form of Mickey Mouse, so I’m pretty sure this figure is a must-add to my collection!

Check out Mickey’s magical powers and how much fun you can have with him when you play Disney Infinity:

Video from YouTube.

Next, watch Keith Lapinig as he plays with Mickey:

Video from YouTube.

What do you think?  Do you own Disney Infinity?  Have you gotten Sorcerer Mickey yet?  Tell me anything and everything in the comments below!

See you all real soon!

For more on Disney Infinity, click HERE.

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