Monday, February 10, 2014

Costumes for Festival of Fantasy!

We just got a glimpse at a few of the fantasmic floats coming to Magic Kingdom’s newest parade, Festival of Fantasy (debuting in March this year).

Now we get a look at the (also) fantasmic costumes!

Video from YouTube.

If I were to describe these costumes in two words, those two words would be, simply:

Colorful awesomeness!

Thumbs up!
This is a cool costume, but I have no idea what float it's for!
Video capture taken from included video by MollyTDF

But obviously there’s more to this post than just that.

Wow, there’s plenty of color and pop in these costumes!  Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is my favorite (by far) for both the music and the costumes.  Well, Festival of Fantasy is looking like a big contender!  Provided that the music is just as great as these costumes!

Honestly, I do love all the costumes in the clip, but my favorite is definitely the “Ravens.”  I’m assuming these winged bad boys will be walking alongside the steampunk Maleficent float.  Man, would I do anything to own one of those pairs of wings!

Image from the Disney Freaks Blog.

Similar to the “Ravens,” the fire-themed, phoenix-like costume looks freaking awesome!  No idea what float it could be for, but I’m excited to find out.

Video capture taken from the included video by MollyTDF.

I think my third favorite are the revamped Lost Boys costumes.  They adhere to the originals while giving them a more hipster look, which I think works perfectly well!

Image from the Disney Parks Blog.

As for the rest, well: colorful awesomeness!

can't hold it in anymore
Reaction: Just can't hold it in anymore!
Source link missing.

What do you think: is there a costume design you like best?


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