Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Floats Arrive!

Awhile ago, I shared with you that the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade had ended at Magic Kingdom, to be replaced in March with another parade called Festival of Fantasy.

Well, the floats have arrived!

Video from YouTube.

Float 1: Yes, that is an awesome steampunk Maleficent dragon float – too fantasmic for words!  I literally fangirled when I saw the tweet a few weeks ago about the float because, as you (should) know, Maleficent is one of my favorite Disney characters, especially in her dragon form!  I just hope this isn’t a tie-in to the upcoming movie because, well, you know….

Image via Disney Parks Blog.

Float 2: this float is going to hold Mickey and Minnie.  I love the colors, and I absolutely adore the use of Fantasia characters.  That movie and its characters needs more spotlight at the Disney Parks!

Image from the Disney Parks Blog.

Float 3: Merida will be astride this bagpipe float, with her bear brothers popping out of the drones.  I think it’s funny how Hubert, Hamish, or Harris (whichever one of the three it was) looked limp in the video….odd that Disney let the animatronic/puppetronic hang loose like that in the video.

Love the DunBroch colors on the bagpipe!
Image from the Disney Parks Blog.

Float 4: Can you say WHOA-ho?  (Catch my wordplay there?)  This fantasmic float is going to host Peter Pan and Wendy in the ship, with Captain Hook and Smee on the anchor and Tink in the back.  I absolutely love the different layers and film elements on this float – one of the best!

This float looks huge in the video!
Image from the Disney Parks Blog.

Two floats Disney “forgot” to include in the video are the The Little Mermaid and Tangled floats, which look just as cool as the others.

Interesting that this one doesn't have a clip-art version of the characters...
Image from the Disney Parks Blog.

I. Love. This.
Image from the Disney Parks Blog.

I love the colors on the Ariel float and the fact that it reminds me of my favorite Disney parade (Mickey’s Soundsational Parade), and I can’t get over how absolutely astonishing the Tangled float looks.  That one I can’t way to see in person!

What are your thoughts?  I’m thinking we’re in for a pretty fantasmic parade!

Keep in mind these floats won’t be parading in public until March this year!  Book your tickets now with Destinations in Florida, an authorized Disney vacation planner and proud affiliate of The Disney Freak’s Blog!



  1. I'm SO excited for this parade! The floats look so different and modern compared to many other Disney parades...I'm also really excited to see how the Tangled float looks like in person!

  2. That makes two of us! I agree. But really, the main thing I love is the colors. I just hope the, heck I know, that the music is going to be really good. I'm kinda thinking this parade is going to provide some competition against Mickey's Soundsational Parade for my favorite parade!

    I don't know the exact date the parade debuts, but hopefully it's in time for the trip my suitemates and I are making to Florida in March -- including a possible stop at Disney World for a day!!


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