Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hear Elsa in 25 Different Languages!

If you, like me, think Idina Menzel is incredible as Elsa in the song “Let it Go,” then you need to hear Elsa sing it in 24 other languages.

Video from YouTube.

Which language do you like best?  I thought Japanese was pretty cool, and I’d like to hear more of the Portuguese and Danish singers.

Frozen was actually translated into 41 languages, so I’m kind of sad we didn't see more in the clip. 

But wow, Elsa sounds amazing no matter what language she’s singing in, don’t you agree?

Image from

And just a last note about Frozen, this Friday in select theaters, a sing-along version will be playing.  Are you going to go?

Image from post.

I am so freaking excited for the sing-along, but ten bucks it won’t be playing at the sketchy Atchison theater.

See ya all real soon!


  1. So...did Idina Menzel learn the song in all those languages?...sure sounds like her. THAT is amazing.

    1. I think they hired singers from other countries, at least, that's what I understood from the 41 languages article. But yeah they do all sound very alike!


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