Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annie Leibovitz’s Merida

Just today, the Disney Parks Blog released the newest addition to the Disney Dream Portraits series, in which famous celebrities pose as Disney characters to be magically photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

This newest addition is of Merida, the feisty protagonist of Brave, portrayed by actress Jessica Chastain.

Image from the Disney Parks Blog post.

Merida and Angus from Brave for comparison.
Image from Forbes after a Google search.

While I absolutely love Annie Leibovitz’s work in this series, I’m a bit on the fence for this one because Jessica Chastain just looks…too old to play our young Scottish princess…it’s weird because I feel like I’m looking at an aged Merida, in her early twenties.  Angus’ face also seems a bit out of focus, but that’s nit-picking.

I do have to say, I love how perfect Jessica's hair is!

On the Disney Parks Blog post, many fans are commenting that Disney should release a book with all the portraits in the series (either now or whenever it’s completed). I wholeheartedly agree – I’d buy it in a second!

Tune in tomorrow for an update with a behind-the-scenes video.

What do you think of the new portrait overall and the casting of Jessica Chastain?  Who do you think Annie Leibovitz should do next for the series?



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  1. Hey Disney Freak, thanks for finding this out for us! Can you post a link to this article so I can find it and read some more on this. Thanks :)


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