Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sing-Along with Idina Menzel!

I sing “Let it Go” literally every day, every moment I can.  My roommate Michelle can vouch for that.

Which is why I really really really really (get the idea?) want to go to the Frozen sing-along version, playing in select theaters starting this Friday!

Image reused from previous post.

But neither Michelle or Kaihltyn will drive me to Kansas City, and as much as I would love to go with Bestie and TDM, I’m not walking 7 hours back to Minnesota.


Well, for now, I can enjoy this sing-along version of “Let it Go,” and you can do!  Sing like you don’t care who’s listening!  (Everyone’s probably jealous of how good you sound anyway.)

Video from YouTube.

Just don’t tell Michelle I found this.

See you all real soon.

Are you going to the sing-along Frozen?  When and where?

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