Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Molly and Mini Maleficent Discuss “Maleficent”

The Disney Freak’s Blog is hurriedly approaching its second anniversary, and I know that for a really long time I have been ranting about how unexcited I am for the upcoming “Maleficent” movie starring Angelina Jolie (due in 2014).

And I also realize that I have been putting off a post with the reasons why I’m unexcited.

I’m not going to be getting to that post quite yet (sorry, again), but I did take the time to do a vlog about why I’m unimpressed (and a bit pissed) about the trailer that came out about a month ago.

First watch the trailer below:

Both videos from YouTube.

Next, watch out this discussion Mini Maleficent and I had about the trailer:

The Disney Freak’s Blog Original Video.

I apologize for how tense I got….


This time, I promise, I will get to that vlog/post about the reasons why I dislike the movie itself.  Until then, please be patient!

Oh, and merry merry Christmas!


  1. DF, Love the Maleficent voice. You're right, where's the green skin? You've created another excellent vlog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, Robert! I've been working hard on her voice. Any suggestions for a voice for a Mini Evil Queen? ;)
      I have to admit, the lack of Maleficent's green skin bugs me the most. It's just so iconic for her, so to have her "de-green-ified" is quite upsetting to me.
      Thank you -- that means a lot to me because I'm still so new to the world of vlogging. I appreciate your support!
      Have a wonderful and magical Disney day:)

  2. Don't be angry with me, but I feel the need to point out that Disney is not doing a live-action version of "Sleeping Beauty." They are creating a NEW bit of entertainment based on a different character of the story. It doesn't have to recreate the exact look of the classic cartoon. Compare the original written versions of ANY of the fairy tales they've done to the now-classic cartoons and you'll see that Disney's Standard Operating Procedure is to make major changes to the story in order to fit the new product to the contemporary audience.

    I'm just sayin'...

    1. Mental thoughts: Do not get angry with Frank, do not get angry, etc....
      Haha just kidding ;) You have a point and I do agree with you except that Maleficent is pretty much an original Disney character. In the original fairy tale, the fairy who curses Sleeping Beauty is depicted as a grumpy old hag-like woman, which is why the Queen didn't invite her to the party (afraid of the fairy's physical image which is quite sad). But Disney developed the fairy into an elegant and beautiful GREEN woman (sorry, I'm just really pissed about that) with an original name and everything. So I just get upset when they take an pretty much original character of their own and make a "new" story just for money. But you have a very valid point.
      Sorry, that kind of came out like a rant haha


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