Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Snow Snow!

It’s finally snowed here at school:

Video from YouTube. Molly THE Disney Freak’s Original Video.

So I thought it appropriate to share these images of Disney characters and winter weather...

GIF image from Oh My Disney post

Remember this?
GIF image from panda-city.tumblr.com

Ah, snowball fights...
GIF image from mymagicalstory.tumblr.com

GIF image from thezestyexperience.tumblr.com

Cute Bambi *—-*
GIF image from hellonevergiveup.tumblr.com

GIF image from whiteangelxoxo.tumblr.com

GIF image from avengedpendulum-escape.tumblr.com

GIF image from good-vibes-good-day-bad-life.tumblr.com

Of course, winter weather is always best when you
have the powers to control it!
GIF image from herardentwish.tumblr.com

Speaking of “Frozen,” you need to go see it!

See you all real soon.  Stay safe if there’s ice and snow where you live.

GIF image from angelamongthedevils.tumblr.com

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