Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wacky Disney Costumes

While checking out one of my favorite Disney sites, the Disney Wiki, I found they'd added new pages with pictures of different Disney characters as their costumes evolved through the years.  And there were some pretty wacky ones!

Remember that I was saying about being kinda afraid of atmosphere characters?  Trust me, I'd be a bit freaked out seeing these ones!  I'm not even sure I'd be brave enough to ask for an autograph.  Would you?

A Bear and his Hunny

First is Winnie the Pooh's original costume.  (I caught a glimpse of this earlier on a Disney on Ice post shared by A Snow White Sanctum!)

Uh, why does he have a hunny pot on his head?
All photos for this post from the Disney Wiki.

Original Pooh costume as it appeared in the souvenir program
for Snow White on Ice.
Image from Filmic Light and used with permission.

According to the Disney Wiki, this costume even had a moving nose, ears, and tongue!

I may not be a little kid anymore, but even I'd maybe burst into tears at the sight of that!  Actually, just kidding.  That's a bit exaggerated, isn't it?  Still, it's quite an interesting costume.  Why does he have that hunny pot on top of his head?

Unbeknownst to us all, Pooh has a great sense of...physical balance.

Good news that the next Pooh costume looked a lot more like his animated self...and lost the hunny pot.

Now the rest of your day you're going to be remembering that hunny pot aren't you!

Look at That Conscious!

The second costume I want to show you is of Jiminy Cricket, the smart little conscious of the puppet Pinocchio.  When the Pinocchio characters first appeared at Disneyland, this is what Jiminy looked like.

Jiminy is the one on the far right.
Happy little guy, aren't we?

Makes me think of a bean.

The Mouse Who Started It All

What Disney post is complete without Mickey Mouse?

Let me be bold here: Mickey Mouse is probably the costume character that scares me the most.  It's no joke that the "hard head" costume characters freak me out the most.  (If you have any suggestions to get over this fear of mine, please tell me!)

Well, maybe Goofy...and Minnie Mouse (but she'd be tied).

Speaking of Minnie, both her and Mickey had a few wacky costumes when they started out!

Here are pictures of the first three costumes they appeared in to greet guests at Disneyland.

The first costumes.  Nice white faces!
The second costumes.  The heads are better, however, the overall costume
looks like a person with a giant head on top.  If I look at just the legs and feet,
I'm thinking of a person...but then averting my eyes upward...
The third costumes.
And what I view as the wackiest costumes!
Giant heads, giant hats.
Can't get any better (or did I mean
worse?) than this.
(Luckily, it got better.)

Out of those three, which do you think is the wackiest?

And this might sound a bit mean, but the last costumes make me think of balloons...

All the seemingly anti-Disney comments throughout this post are meant for humor, not meaning that I am losing my Disney Freak title....

So final question, would you approach these characters?  Or did you?  Most of these costumes appeared in the 1950's.


  1. Those are some pretty wild looking mice costumes. Scary by today's standards.

    1. I totally agree with you, Snow White Sanctum! Which ones do you think are the wackiest?


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