Monday, March 5, 2012

With Love, From Disney

About a year ago, I got out of my class at a nearby community college early and headed over to the bookstore.  I'd been a fan of browsing the kiosks outside the store, peeking into interesting books or just not looking at any of them at all (sometimes they didn't put any good ones on display!)

But what I was really looking for was the book With Love, From Disney.  I'd seen it before, but felt weird in public looking at the pictures of Disney couples smooching (again, my Disney Freak-obsession hadn't fully...bloomed yet!)

My sister had read it a different day while waiting for me.  She'd really enjoyed it, and I hadn't had a chance to look at it fully yet.

It wasn't on the kiosks.

Instead, it was in the $1 sale stand.


Yes, I bought it.

The book cover.
Photo from Amazon.
(I don't think the "Click here" will still
work, but hey, go ahead and try!)

With Love

The book is full of images of famous Disney couples kissing (or cuddling for those such as Nala and Simba).  Of course, several of those couples are Disney Princesses and their Princes, but there are some others such as Bernard and Bianca.

From the first page, the introduction:

Disney's animated films and shorts feature kisses that exemplify all kinds of love, whether it's Mrs. Pott's maternal affection for Chip, Bambi and Faline finding themselves 'twitterpated' for the first time, or Prince Philip waking Princess Aurora from her enchanted slumber with True Love's Kiss.

This book contains dozens of memorable smooches, pecks, and puckers from throughout the history of Walt Disney animation, beginning with the 1934 Mickey and Minnie short "Shanghaied" and culminating with the 1999 feature film Tarzan.  And with such a liberal dose of Disney magic, any Scrooge is sure to be converted into a hopeless romantic.

(With Love, From Disney.  New York: Disney Enterprises, 2008.  Print.  Page 1.)

Not only does it include those images, but it also has printed dialogue from the film.  Most of the time, they are lines referring to the romances to come in the film.  Such as when Snow White begins to tell the Dwarfs about how someday her Prince will come; these lines are accompanied by the image of the Prince giving Snow White True Love's kiss.

Or the famous twitterpated lines by Friend Owl, shown with the image of Faline gently kissing/licking Bambi's cheek.

It even includes dialogue and images from shorts, as the introduction indicated, such as "Once Upon a Wintertime."

Sealed With a Kiss

The best part about the book is that you can send it to a loved one!  (Not that I plan on sending it anywhere...)

Yes, at the back of the book are three flaps which can be folded around the book.  The loved one's address can be written on the supplied lines, and there's even a spot for a stamp or three!

The flaps to use for sending the book
to someone you love.
Found at the back of the book.
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.
Flaps unfolded.
Figaro and Cleo are on the last page.
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.
Folding flaps over the front cover.
I love how Aurora and Philip get the front spot!
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.
And voilà!  Folded over (and then sealed)
the front cover, you can now fill in the
appropriate addresses
and send it off!
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.

Great Valentine's Day gift, eh?

Too bad I wasn't smart enough to post this then...

Buy Your Own!

If this post made you interested in your own copy, either for yourself or for that loved one (hey, you can give presents to loved ones any day!), I've found the book on Amazon for your convenience.

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