Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That Looked Familiar...

While doing some research for another post, I stumbled across this picture on the website for Silly Bandz (those addicting, collectible rubber band bracelets).

In the "Fantasy Shapes" set, look at the mermaid shape in the top left corner.

The mermaid is in the top left corner.  Looks familiar?
Image from and copyright Silly Bandz (sillybandz.com)

Now when I saw that, the first image that popped into my head was of Ariel.  Yes, that mermaid's pose looks very much like one of Ariel's iconic poses.

This isn't the exact pose
I'm referring to:
her left hand isn't raised.
The exact pose is below.
Image from starstills.com
The pose is on the right side of the bar.  This is one of the most familiar (and most used
by Disney) poses of Ariel.  It's seen in coloring books, merchandise, almost anything.
Image from auctionworks.com

One difference between the two (the Silly Bandz and Ariel) is the hair.  Otherwise, I'm not seeing much else.

I can't accuse anything, and I don't really want to.  I only found it quite interesting and thought I'd share.  In fact, as I was looking for the picture of Ariel, my other sister says, "Why are you obsessed with that?"

Because it's my duty with you to share the Disney things I find and hear about.

By the way, I'm sure now you have some sort of idea what the next post will be.  Congratulations!  Check back soon.

Comments: What do you think?  How alike are the two poses?

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