Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kohls Finds!


Expect great things.

That I did.

And found last night.

This was just too cute, but I didn't get it since it was a bit expensive, even
on clearance, and I don't like making MMM buy me expensive
stuff.  We all inherit her thrifty genes.
Picture taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.
This one was too cute and cheap to pass up!
The Disney Mermaid and I ended up buying matching
ones in different sizes.
I'm wearing mine now, and I think she's changing into hers...
That makes my fourth Disney shirt, but my first
non-Mickey one!
Picture taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.


  1. Hey ya'll -- sorry if I don't post much. Since I'm no longer posting once a week for points (aka it's mandatory), MMM is a bit stricter about my computer time. Sheesh. I apologize in advance if I seem like I'm dumping the blog...but I'm not. I will be back. ;)

  2. Nice finds. Cool shirts. Do you have a larger image of that Grumpy? And would you mind if I reposted it at some point in the future? I have a Grumpy tee shirt post I've been working on. It's amazing just how many variations of tees and tops have his image on them.

    1. Of course you can repost it. I just realized you'd be interested! I'm not sure about the size...I think it have it at original size. It's from my cell phone. Looking forward to your post. :)

    2. Yeah, I have it at original size here in the post, but I can make it larger and x-larger if I want on blogger...


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