Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Old Movie Review

Today, MMM had me go through all my old homework, study guides, everything of my high school years.  We had to keep it all for filing because MMM homeschools us, but now that I’m in college, we can get rid of it!  I threw most of it away except for things from my writing classes – since I’m a writer – and certificates and stuff like that.  I did find this little movie review I wrote for a basic English and writing class.  Figured since it was Disney-themed, I’d share with you some of my school writing from 2009!  Aka only a year before my obsession fully bloomed!
Enchanted, a modern fairy tale from Walt Disney Co., is a lively family movie everyone will enjoy.  The movie starts in Andalasia, an animated fairy tale world, and the rest is in New York.  Giselle, the to-be princess from another world, and Robert, a lawyer from New York, are the characters trying to understand each other.  Enchanted has a few scenes that show divorce is not a very good choice.  Enchanted is full of breathtaking special effects and happy, lively songs.  Enchanted is a movie everyone will want to watch again and again.

I still agree with every one of my points, though now I would probably write it a bit better!  Especially after a journalism class…

ttfn!  Almost ready for the holidays?

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