Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Annie Leibovitz’s Rapunzel

Just today, the Disney Parks Blog released the newest portrait for the “Disney Parks‘ ongoing Disney Dream Portrait series” (the Disney Parks Blog post).  In short, this series is of different Disney characters portrayed by familiar celebrities for Disney Parks ads (e.g., I found one in an issue of O, The Oprah Magazine).  The portraits are all taken by the spectacularly-skilled photographer Annie Leibovitz.  I’m hoping to eventually get a post out of all the portraits, probably as soon as the series is over (will that happen?).

Note how I said “portrayed by familiar celebrities.”  Usually these celebrities are well-known actors and actresses.  But it seems Disney has decided to include singers.

You’ll see what I’m getting at.

The newest portrait is of Rapunzel.  Sounds awesome, right?  Who doesn’t love the spunky, adorable protagonist from Disney’s Tangled?

The only thing is… Well, the catch is just who’s portraying Rapunzel for the newest ad.

Country superstar (*ahem* singer) Taylor Swift.

The portrait.
Picture from the Disney Freak's Blog post.
All credit goes to Disney and Annie Leibovitz.

For those of who you love Taylor Swift, feel free to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong.  I admire her myself, though lately I’ve begun to shy away from her newest songs (who can’t forget – literally – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”?).

But when I saw she was picked and photographed as Rapunzel, I wasn’t the most enthusiastic.  I wish they had gone with someone better.  I can’t think of anyone perfect for the role at the present moment.  (Other than Punzie’s voice actress Mandy Moore.  Seriously.)

Aside from the choice of celebrity, I do actually like the shoot.  Leibovitz captured the wistful feelings Rapunzel has throughout the movie, especially the longing she has to see the floating lights.  Taylor’s, I mean, Rapunzel’s hair is very pretty with all that movement it was given, and of course I love the dress Taylor is wearing.  The tagline fits perfectly.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think Taylor Swift was the best person for this character?


(PS, as I was reading the comments from the Disney Parks Blog post, I stumbled upon this little interesting fact someone pointed out: her hair in the portrait goes from curly to straight.  Magical hair, anyone?)


  1. It's a beautiful picture, but it looks fake. Taylor/Rapunzel looks like a painting, not like a portrait.

  2. You have a point, Melanie, and I was actually thinking that in the back of my mind. However, all the portraits kind of have that look to them.


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