Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is This Enough Room for You?

I shared with you about how my Grandma/Fairy Grandmother gave me the Disney Princess Fairy Tale Songs CD for Christmas.  On the way home from her house (a 3 hour drive), I listened to it on my computer, earphones plugged in, and planned to at least write up some posts, since I didn’t have Internet access as we were driving.

Well, someone (whom you’ve met before) decided he wanted to take a nap, and I moved my computer to give him room.

Why, hello Riley!
Kind of a confusing picture, I know.  I'm siting
straight, that's the car bench in front of me,
and the computer is sitting so that the screen
is pointing towards my tummy :)
Makes more sense?
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

Sleep tight my beautiful puppy!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak; do not remove watermark.

So much for working on some post drafts!

And yes, that’s my Disney Princess bag by my leg, one of my Disney items I’m planning to get to soon enough.


Check back really soon for The Disney Freak Blog’s first blogoversary!  That’s right, and just 5 days away!


  1. So I may or may not have gone and bought that Disney Princess CD along with a few others after I read your blog post...:) And I may or may not be listening to Disney music all day long, even when I sleep...

    1. Hey Danica! Great to see you over here on the Blog ;)
      It's a great CD, isn't it? The last song is just fabulous. What else did you get? And I'm glad my post inspired you to get your own copy :D I wish I could listen to it when I sleep but then I wouldn't get any shut eye--I'd be too busy listening and silently singing along!!


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