Friday, January 4, 2013

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No it’s a…!

At first rumors speculated it would be used in Animal Kingdom, for the upcoming Avatar-themed land.  But then Gary Buchanan at The Disney Parks Blog hinted at it appearing at New Fantasyland, complete with his own tumblr speculating just when it would appear.

On the night before New Fantasyland’s opening, at an all-media event, the clues matched up and it appeared.

A flying dragon.

Video from YouTube. Note the opening words!

My thoughts: Yes, it looks very real – because it is, right?  But realistic?  Disney could have worked on it better.  Dragons are one of my favorite things being a fantasy writer, so I’m picky about their portrayal in movies and other entertainment.  Add a few spikes and maybe a different color.  Then we’d get a much better looking dragon instead of what looks like a flying lizard overall.

Secondly, Disney has given the impression that this was the dragon’s one and only appearance.  Sure, there are maintenance problems, understandable, but if that was it’s only appearance, why show it at a media-only event?  Instead of the next day when all the Park guests were there?  A poorly made decision on Disney’s part.

It has been mentioned that the dragon is a wild dragon, so while no one can schedule him into appearing, he may show up every once and awhile.  There may be hope.  Maybe.

I suppose I should have referred to the dragon as “he” as Gary revealed he’s a male.  Whoops.

Interesting to note, the dragon is not linked to Disney Imagineering.



  1. Hadn't heard about this. Looked super cool!

    1. Haha well I'm glad because I put off posting it! Yeah it is pretty sweet :)


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