Friday, January 4, 2013

False Alarm: Phew!

If you’ve liked the Blog’s Facebook page, then you’re probably aware of a status I shared from I Love Disney’s Facebook pageThe status from I Love Disney read:

**Breaking News**
3 Grenades found at WDW Downtown Disney
Bomb Squad is on site. More information coming as soon as I get some. :(
Personally frightened, I decided to look further into the matter.  I didn’t have to look too far to see I Love Disney posted a link to this article right afterwards.
According to the article, a cast member found what looked like hand grenades and “alerted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”  Officials seized the material but they were hollow inside.  They declared the area safe.


It’s sad to know that some people would still have the nerve to try something like this.  Please don’t ruin the magic for the rest of us.


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