Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

Perhaps you’ve seen a crazy picture of Johnny Depp.  Crazy how so?  Because of the raven he’s wearing on his head.

That is Johnny’s makeup and “hairpiece” for the upcoming Disney live-action film The Lone RangerHere are the 3 trailers for the movie so far, which look stunning.

Video from YouTube. I like the opening narrative–very intriguing!

Video from YouTube. My favorite of the three.

Video from YouTube. This is a sneak peek at the trailer that will play tomorrow during the Super Bowl–which I will miss!  And speaking of Super Bowl trailers...remember this?

I have to admit that I am not familiar at all with the original Lone Ranger…heck, I’m not even sure if it was a movie or a TV series.  I know of the titular character, Tonto, and Silver (the last one mainly from a Breyer model I used to desire with all my heart).  So having no real connection with the original whatever, I have no expectations except something fantasmic.  However, personally, I do not like it when people mess around with previous works and/or classics, such as the movie and book Maleficent or the new Wizard of Oz movie are respectively based on, but those are for another time.  In short, I understand if some people are not excited for the movie because maybe it messes around with the original.

Summing up.   I like Westerns.  I like thrillers.  I like Johnny Depp.  Nuff said.  I’m excited.

And so I’ll be in theaters on July 3rd this year.

See ya all real soon!

Comments: What are your thoughts?  And just what do you think of Johnny’s bizarre (but awesome) makeup?


  1. Mr. Depp is in Magic Kingdom this week...

    Juuust sayin....

  2. No freakin' way! Omgosh, tell me you met him!!??? I would do anything to get to meet "Mr." Depp. Ugh, I NEED to come visit you!!! I'm afraid that I'm gonna wake up one day and it'll be too late because I never had the funds...

    Did you at least get an autograph?


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