Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bestie’s Birthday – Face Reveal!

Friday, December 14th, 2012Bestie’s birthday.

And it would be her “adult” birthday.

When I first got home for Christmas Break, I was hoping to spend the day with her in honor of her big day.  However, being in ballet, she had a show and class to do, with community college finals early in the day.  I got to see her at 2:15 for a coffee break with her mom, but then she was headed to ballet.  I did get to hang out with her mother for the rest of the day until Bestie got back in time for presents and cake with her family (including me, an honorary family member).

Before Bestie got back, her aunt and I went to pick up dinner.  On the way, she and I decided to “roam Apple Valley” which really meant get a present for Bestie.  With my help, she found basically the perfect gift.

And of course, there was my gift to her – which was unfortunately not Disney-themed.

Let me show you in pictures.

Warning: there are a lot of them.

“Do You Want Your Face on the Blog?”

Now you know how my parents are not comfortable with my siblings’ faces being on the Internet, so I’ve learned how to take photos that avoid capturing my subject’s face.

However, Bestie posed a bit of a problem for me!

After getting a few without her face (these ones didn’t turn out as well), I got frustrated because she kept posing with her stuff.  So I asked, “Do you want your face on the blog?  I’m trying to keep this anonymous.”

She looked at me and said, “[THE Disney Freak], do you think I care about being anonymous?”

And so, some of the pictures (well, actually the majority) have her face in them.  Face reveal!

Summer's Birthday (18)
So excited to figure out
what's in the Disney Princess gift bag!
All pictures in this post were taken by THE Disney Freak.
Do not remove any of the watermarks. 
Thank you.

Summer's Birthday (18)
Peekaboo!  Now open it!

Summer's Birthday (18)
No, not that...way....

Summer's Birthday (18)
Bestie: always making a big show about tissue
paper.  Hey, neither of us grew up :)

Summer's Birthday (18)
I kinda like the fluffy (?) look the tissue
paper got in this shot.

Summer's Birthday (18)
Same here.  It's kinda pretty.

Summer's Birthday (18)
When will she get to the good stuff?

Summer's Birthday (18)
Zombie Bestie.

Summer's Birthday (18)
And it's a jumbo Disney Princess coloring book!
Because Bestie really loves to color...and me too because
hey, it's fun stuff!

Summer's Birthday (18)
Cool angle, I think. 
It's a GIANT coloring book.
It even says so.

Summer's Birthday (18)
And to top it all of, she got a awesome big container of crayons.
There was name she gave to this that her aunt told me about,
 but it's momentarily slipping my memory....
(Oh, and Bestie? It's upside down.)

Summer's Birthday (18)
Posing with the bag.... I picked it out :)
Oh and I forgot to mention that
even the tissue paper was Disney
Princess merchandise.

Summer's Birthday (18)
And posting with the awesome
giant awesome coloring book.
(Did I mention how awesome it is?)

Summer's Birthday (18)
About to open my present,
worthless compared to the one(s)
she got from her aunt....

Summer's Birthday (18)
My dorm neighbor makes jewelry,
so I got her some bracelets.

Summer's Birthday (18)
And of course, posing with
all her wonderful gifts!

Summer's Birthday (18)
Take 2.  Time for cake!


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