Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ever Ever After!

While I do love Owl City, I love Carrie Underwood even more.  Honestly, outside of Disney, I think Carrie and Brad Paisley are my two favorite singers.  Oh wait.  Actually, they’d be tied for second after Julie Andrews (my idol!).

So if I’m excited about Owl City and Disney collaborating, don’t you think I’d be even more excited about Carrie and Disney working together?


Ever Ever After!

One of my absolute favorite Disney movies is Enchanted. It’s so much of a favorite that I consider it too unique, too much of a combination of all the magical Disney movies, to group it with any other Disney movies in a top (insert number) list.  Seriously.  It stands alone in glory.

At the very end of the movie, Carrie is heard singing an absolutely beautiful song.  Here it is in the ending.

Video for YouTube.

And here’s the music video, which can be found on the DVD release of Enchanted.

Video from YouTube. Love this!

Beyond a doubt, this is one of my favorite songs (Disney or not), but which label do I put it under?  Disney or Carrie?  Both!  Which makes it so good!  I can’t help but sing along every time I hear it.  Nor can I resist dancing a bit, even if that just means tapping my feet in public – the beat is just irresistible!

Lyrics-wise, it basically covers all the magic Disney movies convey, all the hopeful themes and wonderful romances we grew up with.

And who here would love an animated Disney counterpart?  I sure would!

Closing thought that’s kind of random, but I seriously love the fact that Julie Andrews has the closing words.  Timeless.

See you all soon!  Until then, enjoy your own ever ever after during upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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