Thursday, February 14, 2013

Watch and Fall in Love

It’s that time of year again.

That time of year when you hear love songs in the air.  When you feel your someday might be today.  That day when you become a hero in love’s name (for the link, skip to 0:44 for the scene).  When you have that once upon a dream encounter.  That day when you finally believe fairytales do come true.

When you become “twitterpated.”

And just in time for this time of year (namely, Valentine’s Day – which has taken over all of February and just about all of January too), Disney has released its full-length short Paperman online for our viewing pleasure.

To introduce the video, it’s short but brilliant, wordless but charming, black and white but timeless.

Share it with someone you love today.

Video from YouTube.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and I’ll see you all real soon.

Twitterpated. Ha.


So yesterday, I found out my RA is just in love with this short as I am, and after talking about it with her this evening, I went to this post here to watch it with her.  Sadly, we both discovered the video is now private.  (Sorry for those just checking out this post!)  While I haven't discovered what the reason for this is, I have discovered it's not just my computer -- Wikipedia has the short listed as private.


For those of you who haven't seen the video yet or want to watch it again but can't, I found it uploaded by someone else.  Enjoy.

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