Monday, April 16, 2012

I've Said This Before...

I'm really very sorry.  I know I promised a Maleficent post.  And I know I promised a sequel post.  But to be honest, those posts are going to take some time to write, edit, and make sure are perfect.  And I'm going to have to become more confident in spilling my opinions with you... So I'm sticking with shorter, easier ones.  I will get to the promised ones though!

Now bear with me as I give you a short post on one of those promised ones: sequels.

In fact, it's very repetitive.

Petite Tiaras is a tumblr blog, and the blog author (I don't know the person's gender) shared a nice collection of the different Disney film sequels along with a quote I shared in an earlier post.

And she/he/it (the author, okay?) shared some of her/his/its own opinions on these sequels.

"I’ll admit it, Disney sequels aren’t that great. In fact, I think for the majority of the movies they use the same formula. You have the original awesome characters who are no longer as cool as they were before. They have a child who thinks that they run the place. For some reason the kid always makes their parent look weak. For instance, how did Simba get his butt kicked? Or what about Tramp? Ariel? None of it makes sense. We watched and cherished the first films because the characters were great and relatable, but the sequels bring them down a whole notch.  That’s not to say that Disney sequels aren’t fun though. I always get a laugh watching the Lion King 1 1/2 and Bambi 2 was a very heartfelt film. Sequels are a give and take thing."

Source: Petite Tiaras

I definitely agree!

Oh yes.

More on that later.

Until then, here are some pretty interesting sites discussing Disney sequels...


  1. I totally agree. I think the only good sequel/s made so far are the Toy Story series.

    1. I think my biggest problems are a) the once-main character is now portrayed as weaker and "getting his butt kicked" and b) the animation is usually computer-animation, which is so sad compared to the beauty of the hand-drawn originals. Now to write that in it's own post with a few more things to say...
      I have to agree some of the stories are cute, but I still have problems with them. Again, a post will come. I promise!


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