Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Ol' Fashioned Fun

One of the best live-action Disney classics is The Apple Dumping Gang.

The 1975 movie tells the story of Mr. Donavan who takes in three orphans, not that he wanted to.  He thought they were going to be in money or other things.  But valuables indeed they are, as he learns the value of being a father.

But not after some antics caused by those three kids.

One of the antics being the fact that they find a gold nugget.

And the local "bandits" Theodore and Amos try to steal it.

Which leads to the good ol' fashioned fun this movie is full of!

Below are two of the best scenes in the whole movie.  The first is when Theodore and Amos first decide to steal the nugget, which will be just too easy.  The second clip involves their...robbing.  How does it end up?  Watch to find out!

Another good clip involves newlyweds Donavan and Dusty (whom you'll met in the second clip) fighting in the saloon...but I couldn't find that scene on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy!

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