Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It’s a Messtival of Fantasy!

What do you get when the daytime parade goes horribly wrong?

A Messtival of Fantasy!

Wendy's not sure what she thinks
about the mess ahead...
Image via itsadisneything.com

Disney fanatics across various social media platforms posted videos and photos of the May 31 Festival of Fantasy, when the parade encountered several mishaps, including a deflated balloon!

Check out the full video below and some shorter videos as well.

A video posted by Amber Marie (@dapperamber) on

A video posted by Amber Marie (@dapperamber) on

A video posted by Amber Marie (@dapperamber) on

All in all, the incident gives us a chance to applaud the improvisation skills of all performers involved! And my honest reaction is:

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