Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DCP Bucket List: Conquering the Kitchen Sink?

Within our first week at Walt Disney World, my roommates and I decided to cross an item off our bucket lists and conquer the Kitchen Sink!

Get to know these faces -- you'll be seeing them around here a lot!
Photo credit: Miranda (L)

If you're not sure what the kitchen sink is, it's eight scoops of ice cream (two chocolate, two vanilla, two strawberry, one mint and one coffee), all the toppings you can think of, and a WHOLE CAN of whip cream.

That's right: a WHOLE CAN.
In (almost) all its glory! As you can tell, we'd started
eating it by this point. So began the process.

And because of the gigantic task before you, the entire restaurant takes a moment to celebrate, with siren-like lights and your Cast Member guide explaining the Kitchen Sink before placing it on your table. We had two other families get the Kitchen Sink while we were there, and each time, I expected the fire alarm to go off because of the lighting!

Would the four of us be able to eat it all and therefore conquer this sweet concoction? Take a look at the photos below!

Unfortunately, we did not completely finish the Kitchen Sink, but we were pretty darn close. All in all, we had a blast together, as you can see in the following video!

Remember: it's all about having fun together during this activity. If you don't finish it, then that's okay. Of course, it's an nice accomplishment, if you do.

Some fun tricks and tips for during your Kitchen Sink experience:
  • See how many toppings you can identify. I definitely remember a few cherries, candy oranges, Oreo cookies, brownie pieces, frozen strawberries and, of course, the whipped cream.
  • Pace yourselves and utilize those individual bowls!
  • Make sure to get a photo of your group -- our Cast Member guide offered, so I think yours will, too. But it's always worth asking!
  • And the more interaction with the Cast Member, the more fun your experience will be!

You can purchase a Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream, found at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World. It's the most expensive desert, just under $30, but it's also a lot of food!


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