Thursday, May 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time in New Fantasyland….

So I’ve talked with you a bit about the show Once Upon a Time on ABC.  I know I hadn’t said much, but that’s because I’m not very familiar with the show.  So this post is not going to be about my opinions (well, just a little).

DisneyParks recently posted two new videos on their YouTube channelThe Evil Queen/Regina from the show “tours” New Fantasyland and begins brooding her plans for taking over.  Though it’s funny and interesting, at heart you know it’s really just an promo.

And at first, it may seem like the perfect matching – a fairytale show selling a fairytale kingdom amusement park – but keep in mind that Disney owns ABC.

Here’s the promo below, and the second video is of some behind the scenes stuffWouldn’t that have been cool to have been at the Parks the day of the filming?  UPDATE: My fellow blogger Sara pointed out in the comments below that all the extras were actually entertainment cast members, so can you imagine what it would have been like to be a cast member available that day?

Both videos from YouTube.

Okay, time for some opinions – but I promise not a lot!

I actually really do enjoy Lana’s interpretation of the Evil Queen.  Granted, I haven’t seen much, but from this and the stuff I read about and see, I really dig her character.  Just my kind of bad guy.

The ending is also hilarious.  Even I was laughing.

Great way to end it.
Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak taken from included (top) video.

And was that David Ogden Stiers narrating?  Sure sounded like it!  But then again, probably anyone could pull that voice off.

See ya all real soon!


  1. They filmed the promo before the park was open, because they used entertainment cast members as extras/guests for the commercials. I was dying when I heard she was doing a promo here, but couldn't see anything! Lana comes to WDW pretty often, and loves riding the Safaris in DAK with her kids! (My roommate works at that ride)

  2. Wow -- really? I'll change that then. So you weren't an extra because you're not entertainment? Dang! That's crazy taht she comes often -- does your roommate have an autograph or something? I mean, seriously! :)


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