Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Puzzling Achievement

When I arrived home for summer break, my siblings couldn’t wait to show me the latest surprise present from Grandma.  It was a jigsaw puzzle.  And the reason they were so excited to show it to me was because the puzzle image showed tons of Disney merchandise, arranged in a really cool collage.

Called The Disney Treasury, this puzzle consists of 550 pieces (easy, right?) and was distributed by Golden.  Find it for sale here, if you’d like one.  My grandma bought it used from someone, so I don’ know the price, but online it’s being sold for $15 or so.

Well, anyway, the first week and a half home, I spent the time deep-cleaning out my room of any junk and reorganizing practically everything.  So MDF was especially upset because she wanted to get this puzzle started, and apparently everyone had agreed that they weren’t going to start it until I could help them.  I am THE Disney Freak, after all.

One day, my fellow horse-loving friend came over to hang out, as we were both home from college (while all the rest of our MN friends were still in school).  Typically, when she visits, we watch a movie she hasn’t seen yet and do a puzzle.

So as expected, we did a puzzle.

And which one was lying around waiting to be done?

The Disney Treasury.

Of course.

At first, we figured it was going to take us a long time, as puzzles usually take us, and were worried since we only had a few hours.  Since it was a collage of small images, and I mean small, we figured we’d have a harder time finding where everything went.  Surprisingly, the puzzle only took us around an hour and a half!  (If I recall correctly…)

And of course, I got some pictures when we finished (as my sisters TDM and TDSO requested).

Almost a face reveal...
L-R: TDM, my friend, TDSO.
Do not remove watermark.

Comparing the image on the box to the pieces to
figure out where they go.
Do not remove watermark.

Finished!  Comparing to the box.
Do not remove watermark.

The box.  Note the 550, the Golden logo,
and the title in the upper right: The Disney Treasury.
Do not remove watermark.

The completed puzzle.  See what I mean about
small detail?
Do not remove watermark.

All in all, I recommend this puzzle, if you like doing them.  It can wear you out since the pieces are small, the merchandise “piled” atop each other, and consists of lots of colors.  I had a headache before my friend even came over, but the puzzle didn’t help much, straining my eyes like that.

One cool thing about this puzzle is maybe you and your fellow Disney fans might recognize some of the merchandise items!  I did – one of my Disney books is featured in the image.


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