Thursday, August 28, 2014

Be Serenaded by this First Clip from Pixar's 'Lava'

We finally get our first look at the animation, voice talent and music from Pixar’s upcoming short Lava.

In the exclusive clip from Yahoo!, the volcano Uku sings of his dream: to one day find a true love of his own. Uku’s voice is simply beautiful to listen to – I’m already in love with the notes he sings (especially "I have a dream") with the ukulele accompaniment.

And Dewey, turns out it isn’t James Earl Jones playing Uku.  Instead, Uku will be played by Hawaiian entertainer Kuana Torres Kahele.

I’m also entranced by the animation of the volcanic flames (lava?) spurting from Uku, as well as the way the same flames (lava?) glow under the clouds during the time-lapse.  I'm fascinated by the column of smoke rising from Uku, and the way the colors look so vibrant in the clouds and sky during the time-lapse.

Image from

Makes me wish I was an animator.

Lava is currently showing at film festivals around the globe, but will premiere theatrically in front of Inside Out in June 2015.

See you all real soon.

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