Friday, February 20, 2015

Disney College Program Phone Interview!

On Monday, I had my phone interview for the Disney College Program. My father did a mock phone interview with me the week prior, which definitely helped me feel better about the real deal!

The best part about my DCP progress? I discovered my friend Sara  is also applying – which is really cool because I didn’t expect anyone at my college to even knew of the program! She and I would love to be roommates if we're both accepted, and hopefully she’ll appear in these vlogs.

Below, I’ve included two videos. The first shows what I used to help me prepare for the interview – please, feel free to use any of my ideas. The second is my actual phone interview, which will hopefully help you prepare for your own!

So, how did I do? I think it went really well!

The next step for me is my character audition. If I don’t make it to the audition, I’ll be considered for other roles and not for character performer. As my interviewer said, the audition is not absolute, only required if you strongly want a performing role.

Fingers crossed I’m able to make it! My friend Elizabeth lives near my audition and has offered to host my family and I.

See you all real soon.


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