Sunday, August 2, 2015

Celebrate National Sisters Day with Your #DisneySide!

Today is a very special day: when we celebrate sisters all around the world! And what better way to celebrate than by showing your #DisneySide?

Image via Disney Parks tumblr page.

If you didn't know, I have four sisters (and one brother). All my siblings have code names, to protect their privacy. Three of them are not allowed to be shown on camera, but one of them, The Disney Mermaid, has been featured in many of my videos, which we always have a ton of fun making!

So today, TDM and I are celebrating Sisters Day by sharing our #DisneySide with you with a few of our favorite collab videos!

Young Disney Freak and Minnie Disney Freak have also been featured in this video, and you can read about my wonderful siblings in these posts from my blog.

How are you celebrating your sisters today? Share your #DisneySide pictures with me via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Happy National Sisters Day!

See you all real soon.


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