Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney Store Unveils “Frozen” Merchandise!

While the movie won’t be released to theaters until November, Disney Store has wasted no time in promoting the newest Disney animated film FrozenAlready they have unveiled the new Frozen merchandise at the online store.

Disney Store screencapture by Molly THE Disney Freak.
Among the new items are plush toys, like this adorable and fuzzy Sven:

I am definitely getting this, one way or another!

And collectible dolls, like this elegant Elsa:

Not a doll person, but this is gorgeous.

And tons more, especially clothing items and even Elsa and Anna dresses. I know a certain young adult female who wants to dress up in this during the winter:

Or Elsa's costume, but I'd rather trudge though Atchison snow in this.

I’m sorry, but these boots are adorable:

All stock images copyright Disney and via the Disney Store website.

Make sure to check out the other Frozen items at the Disney Store.  See anything you like?

Oh, and while we’re speaking of Frozen, tune in again for a look at the new Frozen trailer coming out very very soon!



  1. With the march release of the DVD will we see some of the stuff we missed out on. Come back in to the stores ? Talking plush toys, snow globes and the like ?

  2. Good question, Sam! To be honest, I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if that is indeed true. Disney tends to do stuff like that. I'm also thinking we will see a lot more merchandise with Elsa and Anna's coronations into the Disney Princess franchise.
    Thanks for checking out The Disney Freak's Blog!


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