Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally: Our First Real Look at “Frozen”!

And this time, the trailer’s in English!

Ten days ago, I saw on my Facebook feed that a new Frozen trailer (technically the first for us American folks, since we’ve only had a teaser and then international trailers) would be put online today!  So all morning (that’s a lie – all 10 days actually!) I eagerly waited for it to show up.

When I saw The Rotoscopers had posted a link for the trailer, I knew “it is time!”

Behold, the chilling glory of the first English trailer for Frozen!

Video from YouTube.

As always, Elsa looks freaking awesome.

She's all like, "Don't come a step closer: I'm the Snow Queen!"
Image from

Gah, I love her.
All GIF images from findsomethingtofightfor.tumblr


Sven is still adorable, of course. Olaf is still the comic relief.

Sven's determined face = love.
Olaf's sledding = laughs.

We finally get to see more of Kristoff, the mountain man who helps Anna.

But the main focus this time around is Anna, our protagonist.  She’s quirky, awkward, clumsy, quick-thinking, funny, an all-around good character.  I loved the little interaction between her and Hans (his horse Sitron is so cute!), and her time with Kristoff looks like it will be quite entertaining indeed.  Oh, and the snowball part – pretty darn funny!

Was it just me or was Anna’s hair white in this scene?

Anna or Elsa?  It's Anna!
What's going on?!
Image from some-girl-who-draws.tumblr.

Why does Anna look like her sister so much in that scene?  We’ll just have to wait till November!

I’m crossing off the days!  How about you?  What did you think of the trailer?



  1. Words I never wou8ld have imagined hearing in a Disney movie: "Would you grab my butt? Ah...that feels better."

  2. Lol yeah I know ;) Ah, Olaf, a little too free with that comic relief....


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