Friday, July 5, 2013

Exciting “Frozen” Japanese Trailer!

Sometimes, I just go onto YouTube, start off with a video I know, and then just click on intriguing video suggestions in the sidebar.  I can end up in weird places, which I quickly click out of.  But today, I saw something I just knew I had to click on.

The Japanese trailer for Frozen.

And let me just tell you now, it’s exciting!

Video from YouTube.

This is what I was waiting for in a trailer for FrozenExciting, curiosity-sparking, thrilling.  Only problem is, I can’t understand a word they’re saying!  Translator, anyone?

Oh, well.  Not understanding the dialogue or words on the screen is okay as long as I get to see some footage from the film.

And also?  Elsa looks awesome.  With a capital A.

"Yes. Yes, I am."
.gif image from obsessionsrosanahas.tumblr.

See ya all real soon!

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