Monday, July 8, 2013

It's a Jolly Holiday with Amy Walker!

Amy Walker is a YouTube sensation known for her video 21 Accents, in which she effortlessly moves from one accent to another.  It’s really quite amusing.

All videos are from YouTube.

Today, I discovered this other video of Amy’s – in which she sings “Jolly Holiday” from Mary Poppins, impersonating the animals from the barnyard scene as well as Mary herself.

Personally, I liked how she mentioned Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) was one of the big influences that got her into accents – Julie is my biggest idol!

She did a splendid job!  If you aren’t familiar with the original, I’ve put it below.  The similarity is uncanny!  (If you want to view right where Amy began her version, skip to about 1:38 and enjoy.)

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but this is one of my favorite musicals and Disney films!

Reaction: Mhm.
Reaction Gif Source

See ya all real soon!

What did you think of Amy’s take on “Jolly Holiday”?

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