Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mickey Mouse Presents "Fantasmic!"!

I have a hard time picking favorites in some aspects of life, but I do have a few: I have a favorite friend (Bestie), a favorite food (blueberries), and a favorite dog (Riley, my own).  When it comes to Disney, I have lots of favorites!  Among those is Fantasmic! – one of the nighttime shows originally at Disneyland Park and now also Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland – which is my favorite Park live show, attraction, whatever.

So I love looking at anything related to Fantasmic! because well, I just plain love it.  (So I’ll be posting about it a lot whenever I get the chance!)

Today, I stumbled upon this cute little gem.  It’s a video of Mickey Mouse himself, in his Sorcerer Mickey attire, presenting some clips of Fantasmic! during a TV special in 1992.

Video from YouTube.

I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the highlights from this spectacular live show. Keep in mind that the clip is from 1992 versus in the present year (2013), there are a couple (technical, mostly) changes to Fantasmic!….

Like an even better dragon!

See ya all real soon!

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