Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 4)

So if you’re reading this, it must mean you’re ready (or willing) to get those tear ducts working again.

Yesterday, I finished my boring, stay-inside-all-day-except-for-piano kind of day by watching Lady and the Tramp, one of Walt’s finest achievements, in my mind.  (But maybe that’s just because I’m a huge dog lover.)

Which brings me to our “Saddest Moment” of the day.

Have you ever been inside a dog pound?  All those lonely and sad eyes looking into your very soul?

Lady finds herself in the pound during our “Saddest,” which you can view below.

Video from YouTube.

Why I consider it one of the “Saddest”: Okay, so maybe this scene just really affects me because I’m a huge dog lover, but I think everyone feels some sort of pain when they see how sad and lonely all those adorable puppies and doggies are…  I'm pretty sure you'll find that every Disney fan out there considers this one of the saddest, most heart-wrenching scences in Disney history.

This "Saddest" not only makes my heart ache but it also makes me want to adopt all of the pound puppies – and some real puppies too!

This little guy is the “Saddest” of them all, I think – seeing him makes me want to pull him out of my TV screen and give him a big hug!

Image from

But this guy comes at close second...

His tears make me cry!
Image from

Which puppy dog tugs at your heart strings the most?

There’s actually another “Saddest” in Lady and the Tramp, which I will feature another time. For now, finish mopping your tears with that tissue (you used the whole box, didn’t you?) and tune in again for Part 5 if you can withstand the tears.



  1. Best part of this is the discovery of Awesome site!

    1. Oh yeah, I know! I absolutely love that site :D


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