Monday, November 11, 2013

The Most “Epic Disney Medley” Ever

There are a lot of awesome Disney medleys out there covered by an array of amazing artists.  This one that I’m about to show you: it tops them all.

Image from a Google search.
I recently shared with you a video of Mike Tompkins’ #DisneySideIn the video, he makes every single vocal and sound using his mouth and voice.  It takes “a cappella” to a whole new well, world.

Like Mike, Peter Hollens and Alex G. create every sound with just their vocals in their “Epic Disney Medley,” which you need to watch right here, right now:

Video from YouTube. What’s your favorite moment?

Why do I think this is one of the best Disney medleys out there?

One, they open with “Circle of Life” – and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you start a Disney medley!  Oh, and they end the medley with the song too.  Double amazing-ness.

Absolutely stunning.
Image from a Google search.

Two, they are both amazing singers.  Peter with the opening of “Circle of Life” (yes, I had to bring it up again) is simply mind-blowing.  Keep up the great work, guys!

The cinematography is amazing.  Especially during "The Circle of Life."  Both times.  (Okay, okay, I won't bring it up again...)

Finally, they freaking dressed up for the music video.  Like, dressed up as the Disney characters they’re singing for.  Awesome costumes, awesome sets/locations. 

(Dude, why can’t we just live in a Disney movie?)

And the fact that they chose signature Disney songs for the medley is like icing on the cake.

As they mention at the end of the video, their medley is available for purchase either separately or with the Disney box set.  Either way, you can buy it at iTunes or Amazon.

What did you think of their medley?  Would you put as one of the best out there?

See you all real soon!

(...but seriously, did you notice how the got all the Swahili right during "Circle of Life"?  All right, all right, I'll stop now.  Mini Maleficent's giving me "the look.")

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