Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween: Disney Style!

(So I apologize that this is late since Halloween was like 2 weeks ago – jeez, that makes me feel bad.)

Do you dress up for Halloween?

Or even better: do you dress up Disney-style for Halloween?

Joslyn is Violet Parr.
Don't you love how she even made sure
to have her hair cover one eye?
Do not remove watermark.

Allison is hipster Ariel.
Do not remove watermark.

And of course, my gals and I dressed up too:

Halloween 2013
Hipster Disney Princesses!
L-R: Thing 1 Kaihtlyn as Rapunzel, Michelle as Jasmine,
Thing 2 Mary as Belle, and me as Cinderella.
Do not remove watermark.

Hope you had a happy, not-too-spooky Halloween!

See you all soon!

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