Monday, September 28, 2015

Duffy the Disney Bear Will Permanently Leave EPCOT Oct. 3

The rumors had been swirling around for months: not-so-popular-in-the-US Duffy the Disney Bear would be retired from his meet and greet spot in EPCOT sometime this year.

In the end, the rumors were confirmed.

Duffy will indeed be retired from his meet and greet area on Oct. 3 this year. Daisy Duck will replace him.

Image courtesy of Disney PhotoPass.

I find this news sad, but I'm in the minority. Duffy is Mickey Mouse's teddy bear, and he was first introduced in America but never gained a popular following. So Disney brought him to Japan, where cute things are absolutely the rage. As expected, he became quite popular there, and Disney brought him back to the US Disney Parks in hopes that he would become popular here, too. He's got a pretty good fan following, but he never really caught on with enough people.

So, now, Disney is saying goodbye to this hug-loving teddy bear. In truth, this comes as no surprise, as he'd already been retired from Disneyland.

Fortunately, I've been able to meet Duffy twice so far during my program. I have plans of meeting him a few more times before he's retired, as well.

Watch the videos of me meeting Duffy for the first time and then introducing him to my very own Duffy:

Are you sad, happy or neutral about the news of Duffy's retirement? Comment below with your answer!



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  2. I am still very sad he is gone :( I live in Florida and ran the Disneyland races this past weekend. He was out at the 5K waiving from the train station. Some how I missed him and am a big fan like people in japan. Is there any hope he will return to his meet and greet with Shelliemay? Still sad and it's been almost a year.


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