Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bringer of Bad News

Hello to all my fellow Disney Freaks!

Unfortunately, I have been having computer troubles.  I dropped my laptop at the start of last semester, harming the hard drive.  Slowly my hard drive has been breaking down, and I was hoping to have a computer for another week or so.

I was wrong.

Last Saturday, in the hotel in Tennessee during the end of my spring break, my computer stopped working.  I couldn't even turn it on.

One minute, I was editing a Five4Florida vlog and the next minute, my computer froze.

My father and I tried to revive it temporarily last night, to no avail.

Meaning: I am without a laptop.

Meaning two: I must do my homework in the journalism computer lab.

Meaning three: Less posting.

So please, stick with me through this and don't leave!  I will try to post during breaks in my homework time, but otherwise I won't be back up and running (this blog) until a later date.

Thank you for understanding,

Molly THE Disney Freak

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