Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disney Villains are 'Counting Scars' for Halloween!

This being Halloween season, I figured it more than appropriate to share this recent Oh My Disney video, in which the Disney Villains sing a parody cover of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars.”

In this version, some of your favorite villains lament how they just aren't as evil as Scar…therefore, they’ll be losing sleep as they continue to be “Counting Scars.”

I have no idea who performs in this, but their singing is fantastic!

And their costumes and make-up are absolutely spot on. Hades’ look is definitely my favorite, followed by a tie between Scar’s and Ursula’s looks.

Honestly, the shot of Hades and his hairspray is my absolute favorite...
Image via Oh My Disney on Tumblr.

I’m absolutely okay with Scar replacing Maleficent as the top villain, as he’s my second favorite (after her). Also, I love how the actor channeled his inner “Madness of King Scar”…brilliant.

Hope this helped you get into the Disney Halloween spirit!


(PS: Hi y’all! Don’t expect any more posts for awhile, as I’m super busy lately—it’s quite possibly I’ll be graduating in May! I hope to post something for Halloween, as it’s one of my favorite holidays and since I adore the Disney Villains.)


Since in this post, I spoke so much of the make-up...here's a behind the scenes time-lapse video showing the make-up process for Cruella De Vil.

Disney Video

Overall, the costume, make-up and hair designs in "Counting Scars" are fantasmic!

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