Thursday, October 15, 2015

DCP Update: Program Extension Application!

I know, I know. I haven't posted pretty much a darn thing about my Disney College Program, and here I am posting about a recent update... Basically, you want me to back up first, right?

Let me explain.

I'm still planning on blogging about my Disney College Program adventures thus far, but this update is too important not to share now, even if I'm skipping a bunch of chapters!

Because, my loverly friends, I need lots of pixie dust sent my way!

This is basically me, right now.
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A week ago, I applied to extend my program -- meaning that if I'm accepted, I'd be staying till May (instead of January). And I'd be switching roles.

Do I hope I get extended? Yes, and no. I'd love to continue working for Disney, but I'm also okay with moving to Kansas City to pursue theatre.

If I do stay with Disney, I'd like to switch roles. The experiences and opportunities I've had thus far are absolutely incredible, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. So I think the cool thing behind extending is that with a new role, I can have these same experiences and opportunities but with new eyes, new people, etc., if you understand what I'm saying.

Plus, I really have no interest in staying in food service. (Though, like I said in the vlog, I do make a killer stromboli, my friends.)

In the end, extending would be a great opportunity for me, so please send pixie dust -- this Disney fanatic wants to fly!

Extension application results are released Wednesday, October 21.

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