Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More and More Dory in First 'Finding Dory' Trailer!

My absolute favorite Pixar movie is Finding Nemo, and my favorite character from the film is Dory.

Because Dory is my spirit animal.

This is me. Every day.
Image via brachobitch.tumblr.com.

So when Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, announced the upcoming sequel would be all about our favorite blue fish, I freaked out!

We've been waiting forever to find Dory. Yesterday, we found her for a brief moment when the trailer debuted on Ellen's TV show!

Check it out below and love everything about it:

Honestly, I'm freaking out so much that it's hard to write coherent thoughts. And as you'll see in my trailer reaction video (COMING SOON) below, I couldn't really do more than laugh. Because Ellen as Dory makes me genuinely laugh.

And that's exactly why I'm excited for this sequel. We're getting more and more Dory.

It'll be interesting to see how Pixar handles a movie about a fish who notoriously cannot remember...anything, basically. How ever will the plot -- I mean, our main character -- stay focused? But I put my faith in Pixar and Ellen. I know this will be an amazing movie.

It's not like we've been waiting more than ten years for this!

Even the poster is perfect.

Finding Dory opens in June 2016.


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