Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 13th, Jackie!

Today’s a pretty big day for one of my favorite singers, someone who has an amazing gift: the voice of (seriously) an angel.

Today is Jackie Evancho’s 13th birthday!  She’s a teenager!

But does she sound her age when she sings?

Not at all.

I’ll show you in a second.

Jackie’s most recent album is titled Songs from the Silver Screen, which features several favorites from popular musical films.  The Phantom of the Opera, for example, one of my favorites.  But most importantly of all, Jackie' included songs from The Lion King, Tangled, and even Mulan.

Album cover.
Image from a Google search.

So in honor of her birthday, I thought I would share a clip of her rendition (mind-blowing!) of “I See the Light,” featuring her big brother Jacob.

Video from YouTube.

Keep singing Jackie and inspiring us all!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

ttfn!  What do you think of Jackie’s voice?  Her rendition of “I See the Light”?  Tell me below!

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  1. What a gorgeous voice! I had never heard of this girl before, but she's amazing. I can't believe she's only 13!


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