Friday, March 8, 2013

Reeling Me In…

Oh, Disney, why did you have to do exactly what I was hoping you wouldn’t do?

I know you’re confused.  I’m talking about Oz the Great and Powerful again.

Disney actually made me a bit excited for it.

I’m Not Wicked!

Confession time: I love villains.  Sometimes more than the protagonists.  That’s why I expect a really epic defeat for a really epic villain (for an epic villain’s terrible, NON-epic defeat, click here).

And one more confession: I’m a sucker for underdog villains, especially when it’s concerning love triangles.

You know, like the Phantom of the Opera.  (From the movieThe book was great in its own way, but I didn’t feel the same for Erik.)  You sit there (or at least, TDM and I do) feeling super sorry for poor Erik who totally got wronged by Christine, and plus she should have picked him because he’s really hot, oh my gosh, Gerard Butler

Rabbit trail.  Dang it.  Sorry.

So when I say underdog villains (or really just any underdog character, honestly), I mean a villain/character whom you really feel bad for, the one who gets pushed aside.  A non-villain example for me would be Eponine in Les MiserablesThe poor girl.  I honestly almost liked her more than Fantine.

Having just joined YouTube, I got the email newsletter last week.  DisneyMoviesTrailers had just posted the newest trailer for Oz (no, the new one after this one).

Interested because it featured the two witches other than Glinda (and therefore wicked, right?), I clicked on it.

Instantly, I regretted it because Disney reeled me in.  Watch it below and then I’ll explain what I mean.

Okay, time for me to talk again.  Poor Theodora!  An underdog character. Right now, you’re probably confused why I’m labeling her as an “underdog character,” but in my next post I’ll be able to tell you a bit more and prove to you why she is.

But of course, now I’m interested in the movie, only because Disney played on my weak spot for underdog characters.

Just basically, she’s the kind of character (so far) I like to watch in movies.  Especially since I can’t tell if she’s to be underestimated or not, if she really wants peace.  Is she telling the truth? 

I don’t know.  Yet.

I also just loved her little temper bit.  But is she really wicked?  Guess you’ll have to wait till you see the movie to find out!  (For the links here, click ONLY if you don’t mind spoilers.)

To conclude, why did you do this to me, Disney?

Hades Im Cool
Reaction Gif Source

Okay, okay, I’m cool now…

Don’t worry, I still plan to write a full post with my entire opinions, hesitations, thoughts, etc. about the movie.  Tune in soon!

See you all real soon.

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