Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sing a Song, Hear a Story

For Christmas 2012, YDF and MDF each found a very cool CD in their stockings, gifts left there by Santa.

For MDF, it was the CD Songs and Story: The Littler Mermaid.

For YDF, it was the CD Songs and Story: Tangled.

Photo taken by THE Disney Freak;
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I’d seen other CDs in this series at Walmart and Target but hadn’t ever bought one, not really interested.  So when YDF and MDF each got one, I was curious and suggested we listen to them a few days later as we waited for the guests to arrive for our annual New Years Eve party.  Gave them something to do while they waited and gave me something to blog about for later.

Video from YouTube. The Disney Freak’s Blog original video.

My thoughts overall: the CD is great in terms of the story part, where a narrator narrates (no way!) the story of your favorite Disney movie.  However, in terms of the song part of the CD, it seems to depend on the CD you get. 

For YDF’s Tangled CD, the songs were all from the movie and featured the original voice actors.  There was one song that I guess was inspired by the movie, which was fine.  I enjoyed it. 

For MDF’s The Little Mermaid CD, the songs were the originals from the movie but other singers sung the parts.  Which was disappointing.  I’d rather hear Jodi Benson sing “Part of Your World” instead of some random singer they chose.

Otherwise, great CDs, and I’m going to look for some myself.  I really like the story part, especially since each narration is complete with audio clips from the movie.


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