Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Forgotten Treasure

I’d shared with you via Facebook early last semester (around September) that someone had put up a coloring page of Belle and Beast on the bulletin board outside the Cafeteria.  So I realize this is late, but I did get a picture of it not long after I told you.  I was unable to access it from where I had it stored until later in the semester, but by then I had forgotten.

But here it is!  Uncovered from the many pictures I have on my computer.

The caption for the coloring page read
"The Beast asks Belle to marry him," and
below someone wrote, "You're welcome."
Not really sure what they/he/she meant, but
thanks anyway!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

It made my day brighter every single time I saw it was still up there.  Eventually, it was taken down for unknown reasons.


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