Monday, April 1, 2013

Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 3)

Here we go again.  Time to make you cry, weep, wail, gush out tears, you name it.

It's time for another "Saddest."

Today I'd like to tell you the story of two untimely friends, who were really supposed to be enemies.  One was the crafty hunter of the forest, red but sly. The other was the faithful pet who hunted the other.  Hunter hunts hunter.  Hound dog after fox.

Copper after Tod.

But they didn't realize that was their destiny.  No.  The two were friends as pup and kit.  They were the "Best of Friends."

All that changed when Tod accidently "caused" the accident of Chief, Copper's mentor.  And Copper swore he'd get Tod for it.  Amos Slade, Copper and Chief's owner, had always wanted a chance to shoot Tod.  So after the accident, Amos marched over to the home of Widow Tweed, Tod's owner.  He told her she couldn't keep him locked up forever.

And Widow Tweed realized he was right.

So the next day, she started her car, Tod hopped into the front seat beside her, and they drove down the road.

This is when the "Saddest" starts.

Video from YouTube. The song/scene is actually titled “Goodbye May Seem Forever.”

Why I consider it one of the "Saddest": Do I really need to explain?

Seriously, I really think that "goodbye" is the hardest word to say out loud.

Sometimes we don't even really mean it. We just out of habit say "Bye Mom!" as we rush out the door to catch the school bus. And then when something unfortunate hits us, we realize just how upsetting goodbyes can be.

I'm pretty sure this ranks very high in terms of "Saddest."

And so that's why.

Widow Tweed looks back one last time at Tod as a
single tear falls down her cheek.
Both images from

Tod realizes that this goodbye is forever.
Though my heart is breaking from the start of the song on,
this is where it really hits me.
It doesn't help that my baby looks like a fox!

To be honest, there are actually three "Saddest Moments” in The Fox and the Hound. So I will share the next ones in later Parts of the series...just to mix it up a bit. 

Check back again for Part 4, if you want to exercise those eyes a bit more.

See you all real soon!

(PS: Happy April Fools, by the way!  Trust me, I'm not fooling you or anything.)

Part 4 can be found here: Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 4).


  1. This scene always makes me cry! Then again, so do all goodbyes...

    1. It makes me cry every single time too (even as I was working on the post, tears were dripping down my face!)! Last time I watched with My Disney Family, YDF and MDF were sobbing and had to cling to me because they were just so so sad. All goodbyes are sad, which is why I rank it so high.


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